The Unbroken Joy Of Being

If only one question I had for you,
forget everything else,
I’ll ask you this question…
Continue with your head or Heart?

The sense ‘I am’ is universal.

The sense ‘I am’ is universal.
All beings know themselves as I.
Nobody had to teach you this.

Drop pride. It has never served you.

Drop the feeling that life owes you anything and see what happens.

Don’t only look outside;
look into your inner space and see how this new attitude feels within you;
how light, empty and free you are without self-esteem or any self-definition.

Decision is really one of the tyrannies of the contemporary living.

We always are making decisions;
but in wise living, in intelligent existence
you must come to recognize you are in synchronicity.

Passing Clouds

The best use of the mind is not to try to work things out; better just keep the mind in a state of silence, neutrality, emptiness. You don’t have to work things out, just understand your true place and things will work themselves out.

The choice really is that you can experience your existence and even the heavenly realms from a personal perspective or impersonally. If you choose only the paradigm of a person, your view will always be limited, always be changeful.

Remain There…

Everything that you see,
every experience you have,
everything that you taste,
every thought,
every emotion…
every sensation comes and goes…
recognize that which does not come and go…
and remain there!…

Bear Witness

You are not here to survive but to bear witness to the glory of God.

All this universe did not manifest out of need, but out of joy.

… to “do” is at least an up and running?

“Something says,
‘To be is not enough!’
… to do is at least an up and running.

But out of Beingness
… all activities of the Universe come …

More Noise Is Combed Out
Through Your Own Looking.

It will take a little practice
because we are not accustomed to looking like this;
usually our looking is always going outwardly,
towards contacting objects
— even your ideas about life;
but to contemplate the subject,
something is terribly lazy to do this.

Relax Without Laziness

Focus without tension.
Perceive without projecting.
Witness without judging.


Excitement is a scam of the mind

You are like the space in which things appear and are perceived in a wonderful joy, but not an excitement.