The sense ‘I am’ is universal.

The sense ‘I am’ is universal.
All beings know themselves as I.
Nobody had to teach you this.

I is your name.
I is consciousness.
I, consciousness, am.
It is also called the name of God—’I Am’.
It is a very high state.
The perfume of that state they call sat-chit-ananda,
which is the sense of existence,
the consciousness of the existence,
and the joy arising from the consciousness of the existence
—the bliss arising, the bliss of Being.

But there is one who perceives the bliss,
the witness and the things witnessed,
but is not confused by them.
All this is only its play.
Even the voice that says Be and things become,
arises from the Absolute.
It is One.

~ Mooji

Drop pride. It has never served you.

We seem to have lost the ability to judge or appreciate
true human greatness or Godliness.

Even in many religious places,
if you don’t dress smartly,
people don’t want to talk to you.
They have no time for you.

A new seeker could easily think that God
will only accept you if you are smartly dressed.
Like this, many people inside these organisations
end up missing the Lord who comes in many guises.

In fact, I remember a story of a certain
well known preacher who would ban people
from coming into his church.
One of these rejected people prayed to God about this.
God then answered that He Himself has been trying to get
into the same church for years but without any success.

We have forgotten what is important.

Drop pride.
It has never served you.

Drop the feeling that life owes you anything
and see what happens.

Don’t only look outside;
look into your inner space and see
how this new attitude feels within you;
how light, empty and free you are
without self-esteem or any self-definition.

When you meet,
you don’t put living beings into any category.

Therefore, you can communicate with anybody
for you have found true communion
which comes only from the heart.
This is universal Love.

Your heart is an open and limitless space.

It has no bedroom, front yard, kitchen or storage room
—just a space full of love, Truth and the Holy Spirit of God.

~ Mooji
20th of January, 2015