Attitude of Gratitude…

learn to say Thank you. (audio)

We are the masters of complaining.

The Unbroken Joy Of Being

If only one question I had for you,
forget everything else,
I’ll ask you this question…
Continue with your head or Heart?

understand the mechanism of mind

Whatever you perceive through the senses or the mind, there is nothing lasting about it…

  it is just a movement. It is the attention given to it that gives it the sense of reality.

Being ego is the most exhausting thing.

Being self-conscious in a psychological way — how am I doing…, how the people see me… — this is exhausting.

What do you do in contemplation?

You don’t know.

Knowing yourself is not information

Let the dream happen,

…but be awake inside the dream as much as possible.

you, who are timeless